About Us

Derby's specialist Electroplaters providing high quality finishing and powder coating services in The Midlands for over 45 years. Scroll down to see our services.


About Nuns Street Plating Ltd

Nuns Street Plating Ltd is a Midlands based metal surface treatment company. We have been providing high quality electroplating, finishing and powder coating services in The Midlands for over 45 years. We are reliable, professional, competitive and committed to customer satisfaction. Contact us to find out more.

With Nuns Street Plating Ltd, you can be assured of uniform and consistent quality that is ensured by approved standard controls. Our services are ISO, ISO 9001 accredited and RoHs compliant.

As members of the Institute of Metal Finishing (IMF), we pride ourselves on our dedicated quality of services, competitive prices and speedy service, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

The high performance of our metal finishing and powder coating processes is second to none.  Nuns Street Plating offers value for money, whatever your requirements may be, from a single item to a multiple load, small screws, nuts and bolts to large fabrications up to 10ft long.  

We are the leading specialists in The Midlands for consistent, uniformed, high quality zinc plating, nickel, tin, anodising, NCP, phosphates, blacks, conversion coatings and powder coatings of all paint finishes. We are recognised in the industry for our high quality finishes that undergo 100% inspection at each stage of production prior to final inspection.

Our processes

Zinc plating
excellent corrosion resistance, sacrificial protection and good base layer
Black oxide
chemical blacking of mild steel
passivation of stainless steel, removes all surface impurities
Hydrogen de-embrittlement
heat treatment to remove potential embrittlement
Nickel / electroless nickel
extremely resistant to corrosion
Lubricant coatings
de-watering oils and oil coatings are available
used extensively to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
a good key for powder coating
Phosphate zinc / manganese phosphate 
a pre-treatment of irons
Chromate conversion
alocrom, iridite NCP, surfos and alodine
Powder coating
epoxy, polyester, nylon, anti-bacterial, fire resistant


Quality policy statement

It is the policy of Nuns Street Plating that all of our activities are carried out in accordance with our business management system, which operates a formal Quality System to IS09001:2015. View our Management Policy Manual.