Nickel Plating

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Bright Nickel Plating

We use a proprietary bright Nickel solution, designed to deliver extremely white deposits, which is ideal for use under chrome. Bright nickel can be deposited on steel and aluminium and is often used to produce a stainless steel like appearance.

Our bright nickel plating process is ideal for decorative and cosmetic applications. It offers good corrosion resistance with high levelling and ultra-white nickel deposits. Nickel is also used for engineering purposes where brightness is not the primary factor.


  • Def Stan ISO 1456  
  • ​Def Stan ISO 4526


Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel coatings have many fantastic properties. It is of high quality, is cost-effective and is an extremely hard-wearing finish with excellent throw properties, it also extends the life of a component and is extremely resistant to corrosion. The uniform coating is the perfect solution for very critical high-end engineering items. 100% coverage can be achieved within bores and holes. Electroless nickel can also be heat treated.


  • Def Stan ISO 4527



Tin is used extensively to protect both ferrous and nonferrous metals, allowing for longevity.